vineri, 16 martie 2012

Easy-Metin2-Multihack Bob 1.0-[20.02.2012]

Hi bot metin2 cheat game suan cıkmıs Game Has a new version of the current screen image Let us first

How much are like the first judgment may be formed in your mind Easymetin2 boat trick
Bob Metin2 Multihack v1.0 Now we explain the use of
I have given my first trick, download link, then remove rardan
We invite you to sign up for the folder from the folders on the desktop entry to cheating
I gave the user if the user names, business names yaramadısa
You can click on the Registration new user name
Water would come up on screen when you want to get the user name

Get your own user name and password from the above screen
If the user name and password, then
Remove the files from the desktop File rardan M2Bob 1.0.rar
M2Bob boats cheat by clicking your user name and password will want to be operated
I have given you my user name and password which you have received or
boats enter the cheat then complete your entry
Use as you wish, while Game Cheats Metin2 Bot
Credits:SandMann016 and Slait ( Thank You )

 Download: Link

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